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Understanding How Asphalt Roofs Get Wavy or Rippled

An asphalt shingle roof that looks wavy or rippled is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Even though it may seem like a minor form of roof damage, it should be left unaddressed as this can spread to the rest of the roof surface. This particular issue has several different causes, which sloped and flat roof contractors can easily determine through an in-depth inspection. Next Level Roofers highlights some of the most common here:

Wind Damage

Wavy and rippled asphalt shingles are sometimes the results of constant wind damage. If the damage is still minor and the shingles are mostly intact, they can still be repaired by reapplying adhesive. Here, the affected shingles are smoothed down properly to hold them back in place. However, if there’s evidence of creasing, cracking, or any type of damage at the surface, the affected shingles must be replaced to prevent water from infiltrating your roof. If not addressed, this can lead to rot and mold growth – issues affecting the wooden components of the roofing structure. 

Poor Roofing Installation

Even if you buy the best quality asphalt shingles, they won’t do much in protecting your home if they weren’t installed properly. Poor roofing installation can lead to rippled or wavy shingles as well as other kinds of damage that can affect the rest of your home. Whether you’re repairing or replacing your roof this summer, be sure to hire a residential roofing services provider who is licensed and trained in asphalt shingle roofing. They have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure proper shingle nail placement, resulting in an asphalt shingle roof that can withstand strong winds. 

Poor Ventilation

Your well-built roof may be visually impressive, but it should also be designed to keep your home cool and comfortable. It should have a proper roof ventilation system that allows the cool air to get inside the attic and warm air to dissipate. Intake vents should allow fresh air to enter the attic and push out the stale, moist air through the exhaust vents. Your roof must have enough of these to promote proper air circulation and minimize moisture accumulation inside your attic. With these, you won’t have to worry about shingle warping, buckling or rippling due to moisture from the warm attic air.

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