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Flat Roof

Flat roofs can have ponding water issues if not installed correctly.

With the inescapable rainy seasons of Florida, the manner in which your flat roof is installed is critical. You don’t need water sitting on your roof and having enough extra roofing material to create a decline will get that water to descend and be properly drained off. Next Level Roofers will provide tapered insulation, if required, to obtain a positive slope for your flat roofs. The sloping helps redirect water movement off your roof.

Tapered Roof System

When installing, keep your property safe and be sure to ask your contractor to provide a quote for a tapered roof system. This system is crucial in eliminating the pooling of water on your flat roof. When water collects and isn’t gone within 48 hours, the weight can lead to roof sagging and leaks along with many other problems:

  • Deterioration of roof coating and material
  • Collection of dirt and debris
  • Increased growth of algae and other bacteria on your shingles
  • Reduction of roof longevity
Positive Slope

In order to get water from rainfall to drop away from your roof, you need a slight incline or positive slope. To be considered a positive slope, it must measure a ¼ inch in 12 inches. Our roofing experts are equipped with the knowledge to deliver the best flat roof installation to eradicate all pooling issues.