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Shingle Roof

A shingle roof is the money-saving option designed to protect your home in the guaranteed weather to come.

Our shingle roof material choices are the best in the business, which allows Next Level Roofers to provide a 1-time lifetime transferable warranty to our customers.

Secondary Water Barrier

With our history of hurricane destruction, Florida has learned a very important lesson. To prevent water intrusion into your home, make sure that your Orlando shingle roof has the secondary water barrier laying underneath. It is required on all roofs to meet and exceed Florida codes.

Color Selection of Asphalt Shingles

There are two different philosophies that come into play when considering a color choice.

  • The first school of thought involves choosing a lighter color shingle for reflectivity. Lighter colors reflect sunlight and will help keep the temperature in your attic space lower.
  • The second school of thought is that darker colors will hide the inevitable staining that occurs on the north side of most houses since they are less exposed to direct sunlight; mildew and algae are some of the biggest culprits.

No matter which side of this debate you side with, you can rest assured that both issues can be resolved. With a darker shingle roof, you can always add extra ventilation to offset the heat; solar attic fan ventilation is always a good investment. If you were to choose a lighter color shingle, it is an industry-standard that asphalt shingles come manufactured with algae-resistant properties on all shingles, just look for the AR on all bundles. This will help to offset the mildew buildup on the north side of your home.

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