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Debunking Common Roof Maintenance Misconceptions

Many homeowners take their roofs for granted, which is why they’re eventually forced to pay for damage and repairs that could have been avoided. Some roof maintenance misconceptions are still as popular as ever, so it’s important to know the truth behind them and follow the right way of preserving your roof’s condition. Next Level Roofers, a top choice among residential roofing services, debunks some of the most common ones:

Roof Maintenance Misconceptions

“DIY Repairs Are Better and Cheaper”

Even if you have a bit of experience in the field, it’s hard enough to properly fix leaks and other damage by yourself. Most warranties won’t allow DIY repairs either and you’ll only risk voiding yours if you still choose to repair it yourself. It’s better, in the long run, to have your roofing problems solved by those how the right knowledge and experience to keep your home intact and your family comfortable.

“New Roofs Won’t Need Maintenance for Years”

As soon as your roof installation is completed, you might think that it won’t need maintenance for the next few years. However, your roof still needs to be properly cared for and maintained if you want it to stay in good condition throughout its expected lifespan. If you don’t want to end up paying for more expensive repairs, make sure to keep up with regular roof inspections. They should be done by experienced shingle and flat roof contractors as they’ll know how to spot even the minor issues and address them before they become too costly to repair. 

“Your Warranty Covers Everything”

Although many warranties offer comprehensive benefits for roofing systems, it’s important to know that they don’t cover all of the materials involved in the roof installation process. To avoid unexpected problems, make sure to read all the details of the roof’s warranty as soon as you receive it. It also helps to discuss the conditions of the warranty with your roofing contractor, especially how it can cover the expenses for repair or replacement.

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