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The Advantages Of Ridge Vents

Ventilation is a critical factor for your property, especially your attic, where all the heat builds up. Experts note that once the air is not expelled from the crawl space, this could lead to severe issues that could deteriorate your system. This is the primary reason why people opt to have ridge vents installed. Today, your roof replacement expert will list their advantages for your guide.

  1. Attic ventilation — Your roof is responsible for protecting your home from weather conditions, such as heat and rain. However, it also requires adequate ventilation to combat the growth of mold and mildew in the crawl space. Through air circulation guided by vents, warm, moisture-filled air can escape from your home and avoid organic growth that often results in wood rot and other health problems.
  2. Cleaner look — While vents can ruin your roof layout, with ridge vents, you’re assured that they can blend into the system’s silhouette, making it barely visible. This gives your roof a sleek appearance without sacrificing its ability to let your home breathe.
  3. More efficient airflow — According to roofing companies, adding a ridge vent to the roof adds a passage of air near the roof’s highest point. As the warm air naturally rises, the ridge vents serve as the perfect exit point for warm air. Regular ridge vents are placed lower, which could even work against good airflow as the warm air is trapped high within the roof while cool air has a chance of flowing out.
  4. Performance and longevity — A ridge vent is an essential component of your roof, offering an additional layer of protection against common problems many roofing systems face. Without a functioning ridge vent system, fresh air cannot dry moisture within the attic, making this area of your home susceptible to mold and rot.

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