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How Trees Can Damage Your Roof and Home

Despite the appeal trees surrounding your home provide, it must be noted that they can pose a threat to your roof and home. That is, if you don’t give them the care and attention they deserve. In this post, Next Level Roofers, one of the most reliable sloped and flat roof contractors in the area, share some of the ways trees can cause damage to your property and how to deal with them.

Leaves and Debris

Leaves from nearby trees tend to collect on roofs, clogging the gutters and exposing the roof to moisture. This can result in water damage to your roof’s structure, as well as create an environment where mold can thrive. Regular gutter cleaning and roof maintenance can help prevent these issues and keep your home protected from water-related damage.

Overhanging Branches

Be sure to check the trees near your home occasionally to check if their branches are already touching the roof. Once they brush against the roof surface, they can dislodge the shingles’ protective granules and even cause the shingles themselves to come loose. There’s also the threat of them breaking off and landing on your roof, causing cracks that can leave your roof exposed to the elements, particularly moisture. As the leading new construction roof installation expert, we recommend trimming back overgrown tree branches, making sure the distance between them and the roof is up to 10 feet.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another potential source of damage to your home. As they grow underneath the soil, they can push against your home’s foundation, pipes and other underground structures. This can put your entire home at risk of settling. To prevent these issues, consider planting trees at an appropriate distance from your home and installing root barriers to limit the spread of roots.

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