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Roof Flashing: Functions and Importance

The typical homeowner might not be familiar with the roof flashing as it’s a component that’s not as prominent as your shingles for example. However, as much as they’re overlooked, they’re a component that contributes a lot to your home’s safety. This component prevents your roof from various issues and you should be sure to take care of it by having it inspected and maintained regularly. 

roof flashing

In this post, the trusted local roofers, Next Level Roofers, shares the functions of your roof flashing, along with its importance. 

What Is Roof Flashing?

Every roofing system has areas that are vulnerable to water infiltration. These gaps are then protected by your roof’s flashing. The flashing can be found anywhere there is a joint or a penetration. A joint is an area where two slopes meet. If your home doesn’t have a rectangular shape, they’ll most likely have valleys where the slopes meet. There are other spots that require penetration to fasten them secure such as your chimney, vent, or skylight.

These areas have gaps where water can seep through and damage your roof’s internal components. This is why flashing is installed during a roof replacement or repair project to protect your roof from these problems. It also drives water away from your joints and directs it to your gutters. When maintained properly, you can effectively reduce the chance of your roof leaking.

The lifespan of Roof Flashing

We recommend getting a new flashing when you’re having a roof replacement. Prior to the project, your roofer will take a closer look at your roof, including the flashing. Also, be sure to ask your roofing contractor if their estimates include flashing replacement. This component lasts as long as your roof but requires maintenance nonetheless. It needs to be caulked and resealed every now and then to handle the elements with ease.

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