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Changing Roof Pitch: Things to Consider

Roof pitch, or slope, refers to the angle of your roof’s slope. The slant or steepness of the slope is defined by the walls, ridges, and rafters inside the roof, which are found in your attic space. Since altering these parts of your roof means a lot of things to process and consider, changing your roof pitch isn’t as simple as a repair or a re-roofing. When should you change your roof pitch? What other things are there to consider? Experts in residential roofing services from Next Level Roofers are here to help!


Changing Roof Pitch

Not a Simple Replacement


Changing the pitch of your roof will alter everything about your roof. The way it looks, how it handles precipitation, how much space will be in your attic, and more. Unless it’s necessary, most contractors will advise you to leave it be as long as your roof functions as intended and remain in good condition. You can’t just change your roof pitch on a whim, as it affects everything up there, including the support structure, plumbing, electricals, insulation, energy efficiency, etc. Finally, before you can even start with anything, you’ll need to enlist the assistance of a structural engineer.


Home Additions


Residential and flat roof contractors will always give it straight to you: replacing everything in your roof, down to its very structure, is going to be a costly process. So if you’re planning to have additions installed in your property, changing your roof pitch is also possible since you’re going to have to replace the roof anyway. Keep in mind that you will need to consult a structural engineer when you’re going to perform these major changes, so always do your research before undertaking something of this scale.


Significant Structural Issues


Changing a roof pitch is basically constructing a whole new roof from scratch. So if you have a sagging roof or if rot has eaten away a majority of the roof’s structural integrity, this is the time you should consider having everything reconstructed. During the whole reconstruction process, changing the pitch of your roof is now possible since everything will be outright replaced. But always consider why you need to change your roof pitch in the first place.


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