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4 Roofing Shortcuts a Professional Roofer Will Never Take

Taking shortcuts is the last thing you’ll want when you need to install a new roof. The entire system is far too important to your home’s structural integrity and weather protection, and skipping on its most important aspects could jeopardize its longevity and performance.

Roofing Shortcuts

To get the most out of your new roof, you need to work with reliable roof replacement professionals who’ll never take the following shortcuts:

1. Reusing Old Materials

If your contractor says it’s fine to use outdated materials for your new roof, look for a new contractor at once. This is a shortcut that may damage the integrity of your new roofing system and cause it to deteriorate sooner than expected.

2. Installing a New Roof Over the Old One

This roof installation method normally produces quick results, but most of the time, it often leads to further problems. Your roof may look okay at first, but it will eventually show signs of failure. Without a full tear-off, the new shingles will curl or buckle, resulting in excessive shedding. It will cost you more in the long run because you’ll have to pay for premature repairs. Also, some states make it illegal to replace an existing roof with a new one.

3. Not Installing an Underlayment

Reputable roofing companies, especially those with manufacturer certifications, make sure to install a complete roofing system, which includes the underlayment. It is one of the roof’s most crucial components, as it serves as the secondary barrier against moisture intrusion, which then helps to minimize mold and mildew damage. So, if your contractor considers skipping the underlayment installation, make it clear that you want it done.

4. Not Using the Proper Fastening Methods

One of the most popular shortcuts taken by roofers is to use staples instead of nails during a roofing project for the simple reason that it saves time. Unfortunately, because the length of each staple is insufficient to adequately hold the shingles to the roof deck, your shingles will most likely be blown off by the wind during storms.

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