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Top 4 Things That Can Nullify Roof Warranties

Warranty coverage is essential in a new roof installation. After all, this can add an extra layer of protection to your investment–extremely handy in case the roofing materials are defective or sloppily installed. But a roofing warranty has limitations. You’ll want to read the fine print and understand some of the things that can void it. Next Level Roofers, one of the trusted flat roof contractors in the area, discusses some of them here.

Roof Warranties
  1. Not registering your new roof. Your choice of a roofer is actually responsible for registering your new roofing system. But you should still confirm this with them after the work is completed. With a registered system, you not only retain your coverage, but you’ll also have an accurate and detailed record in case you need to file a claim against the warranty.
  1. Hiring an inexperienced, non-certified roofer. Most leading roof manufacturers offer coverage only when the roof is installed by a certified contractor. This ensures the work is done according to their quality specifications. If you’re investing in a new GAF® roofing system, for instance, you’ll want to work with Next Level Roofers, a GAF Master Elite® certified company. As the expert in new construction roof installation, we’ll finish the job perfectly right the first time–taking no shortcuts and eliminating the need for expensive callbacks.
  1. Installing unnecessary objects on the roof. Protrusions on your roofing system, like an antenna or satellite dish, can actually nullify your roofing warranty. That’s because their installation tends to create holes and openings that can easily lead to leaks. Once your roof starts having issues because of them, your warranty will likely not cover its repair.
  1. Overlooking proper ventilation. Your new roof should have sufficient ventilation to prevent high levels of humidity inside the attic. Otherwise, this will cause premature aging in the roofing materials, while also encouraging mold and rot. To ensure your warranty remains intact, have the expert in residential roofing services, Next Level Roofers take care of any issues with your roof ventilation.

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