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The Top Signs of Roof Damage That Are Less Obvious

The Top Signs Of Roof Damage That Are Less Obvious

Certain problems on a roofing system can be easy to spot, like wet spots, leaks and missing shingles. However, some issues tend to be more subtle and require the expertise of highly-trained sloped and flat roof contractors to find them. Even so, there are ways you can determine if your roof is suffering from the less-obvious signs of roof damage:

Black Spots on the Roof Surface

They’re usually ignored by most homeowners, but their presence on the roof surface can actually indicate a serious problem that requires immediate repair. Not addressing them can make it grow worse, resulting in larger leaks and the spread of mold.

Nails Near the Edge of Your Home

Another less-obvious sign of roof damage involves nails that have come out of the roof and been displaced. You might find one stuck in the gutter system or near the sides of your home after it rolled off your roof.

Whistling Sounds

Ever noticed a mysterious sound of airflow in your home every time the wind blows outside? It is likely a sign of damage to your roof, albeit hidden. A small yet persistent issue could be creating an airflow problem that’s hard to detect. Hiring a residential roofing services provider can help a lot in this instance, where a thorough inspection is needed to identify where the strange sound of airflow is coming from.

Animals Running on Your Roof

Some animals can fit inside small, easy-to-hide holes and cracks on your roof. If you hear thumping and rustling sounds on your roof or attic, then it may indicate damage. Another way to determine so is through droppings or any organic material that they use to build their homes. These indicate a serious issue on your roof and would need further evaluation from the pros.

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