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What Causes Residential Roofs to Sag?

A newly-installed roof has flat, straight surfaces for rainwater and debris to flow down to the gutters. Exposure to wear and tear due to weathering, however, is one of the many factors that contribute to its sagging. It is not usually a cause for concern if only a small section of the roof is affected. Then again, you must act quickly to ensure it doesn’t worsen and ensure the protection of your home’s structural integrity.

Residential Roofs to Sag

As one of the top sloped and flat roof contractors in the area, we have repaired and replaced sagging roofs. The following are some of the causes behind this common roofing problem.

Water Damage

Continuous exposure to precipitation and other elements can cause a great deal of water damage to your roof. This is especially true if you don’t keep it well-maintained. Water damage can also lead to damaged shingles and other imperfections on the roof’s surface, both of which can contribute to the problem of sagging. You don’t want to weaken your roof’s overall structure, so be sure that you schedule yearly inspections with your local roofer.

Poor Installation

If you are planning to replace your old roof, make sure that you work with a reliable residential roofing service contractor in your area. Going with a roofer that offers a low estimate for your needs is likely an inexperienced one, which could mean substandard materials and workmanship. Issues related to a sagging roof may manifest themselves sooner than expected if it is poorly installed and constructed.

Old Age

A roof that is nearing the end of its lifespan begins to show signs of deterioration. Proper maintenance can help prevent these problems, but as soon as you see a significant sagging on a large area of the roof, don’t delay. Get in touch with a licensed roofing company as soon as possible for inspection and possible replacement.

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