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Rafter Vs Trusses: What’s The Difference?

The difference between a truss and a rafter isn’t something most of us think about regularly – but it’s a topic of importance when it comes to building a home.  

Rafter Vs Trusses

Rafters and trusses are not the same and there are many differences between these two. As there are confusions on rafters and trusses, Next Level Roofers, one of the leading roofing companies in Orlando, decided to cover this topic in this post.

What Are Roof Rafters?

Roof rafters are basic structural components that are essential for roof construction, stretching from ridge or hip to external wall and providing a base for the installation of roof tiles. Rafters are almost always hidden from sight when viewing a home’s exterior.

What Are Roof Trusses?

It’s easy to spot a truss because this uniquely shaped roof element comes intact and is composed of interlocking components like rafters, joists and jacks. They take the shape of A-frames that install as one piece. They may be flat to provide an attic storage area or slanted to fill in corners.

Main Differences Between Rafters and Trusses

  1. Rafters are a more supportive rooftop framework, the trusses offer comparatively lower levels of support to rooftops. The extra triangular webs included in trusses enhance their structural integrity much more than the sloping beams of rafters.
  2. Rafters comprise of solely two main beams that support the rooftop as compared to the multiple beams that offer manifold support to the rooftop in a truss structure.
  3. The cost of installing trusses is comparatively lower than the installation costs associated with rafters. Installation of rafters can be a time and labor-intensive process. The roofers’ extra labor expenses can be avoided by installing trusses rather than rafters.
  4. Rafters have to be assembled on-site, while trusses are shipped only after being completely assembled at factories. This reduces the hassle of installing trusses and also adds to their structural integrity.
  5. The aesthetic appeal of trusses is more pronounced than rafters, making them a favored choice for most.
  6. Installing rafters requires a lot of time and expertise. This prolongs the process of their installation. As trusses are prefabricated, their installation does not require much time. The instructions provided with the framework can be followed meticulously to quickly install the structure.
  7. Due to the interconnected beams in a trusses structure, making changes to the rooftop structure in the future may be tricky. Rafters are more conducive to future alterations.
  8. As rafters are produced on-site the quality and accuracy of the finished product may be compromised. But trusses are manufactured on the basis of computer-generated designs enhancing their accuracy potentials.

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