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How Does Humidity Affect Your Roof?

A dry attic means a long-lasting roof. Moisture and heat can affect your roof’s lifespan and performance. Here are some of the things that can happen to your roof if exposed to excessive humidity, according to reputable roofers.

Effects of Humidity on Roofs

Heat Damage

To have a dry attic doesn’t mean to have a hot one. Poorly ventilated roofs will accumulate heat in the attic and cause your asphalt shingles to suffer from curling and early deterioration.

Moisture Damage

Excess moisture in your attic can cause wood rot and weaken the roof sheathing, requiring roof replacement from top roofing companies. Water exposure leads to mold growth on attics, rafters and joists.

Excessive outdoor humidity can cause water damage on the roof. Air can remain damp even when the weather is sunny. Have professionals regularly inspect the roofs to detect issues early.

How to Prevent Humidity From Damaging Your Roof

Proper Roof Ventilation

Reduce heat in your attic with a ventilation system. This uses a design that allows outside air to enter the space and cool the temperature in the attic while letting warm, stale air escape. It is particularly vital in reducing attic humidity after rainfall.


Dehumidifiers aid attic ventilation in reducing moisture levels.

Regular Inspections

All roof repairs and inspections must be done regularly to prevent roofing issues from going out of hand. Delaying or ignoring them can exacerbate the roof damage. 

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