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How Do You Choose a Timeless Roof Color?

Choosing a color is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your roof replacement project. With all the options available today, selecting the right one could be a challenge. However, when you make the right choice, your property’s curb appeal will significantly increase. 

A leading provider of residential roofing services helps you choose a timeless roof color for your home. 

Consider Existing Home Exterior Colors

When choosing a roof color, consider your home’s existing color palette. The last thing you want is for your new roof to clash with your siding, windows or doors. For instance, houses with white siding often look great with gray or black roofs. 

Factor in Your Home’s Design

Your humble abode’s architectural design could also influence your decision. Do you have a Colonial home? If so, gray and black shingles are excellent options. A red roof might be more suitable if you have a Mediterranean house. You can go with brighter and bolder hues if you have a contemporary home. Experienced sloped and flat roof contractors can help you select a color that works for your home’s architecture. 

Go With an Understated Hue

Timeless roof colors are less likely to look outdated in just a few years. While these colors are not particularly striking, they can make homes look effortlessly elegant. Many neutral colors, such as beige, tan, black, and gray, can stand the test of time. 

Choose a Color That You Love

Changing your roof’s color isn’t something you can easily do. It’s why you should choose one that you know you will still love after 10 years. You know you’ve found the right color if it brings you delight and peace whenever you look at it. 

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