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Things Affecting the Risk of Wind Damage in Asphalt Shingles

The primary role of roofs is to defend homes against harsh outdoor elements. While modern materials offer excellent durability, they are not completely indestructible to weather extremes. When strong enough, winds can loosen or tear off asphalt shingles. 

Discover factors that can influence the susceptibility of asphalt shingles to wind damage with the help of experienced roofers


All roofing materials deteriorate as they age. The older the asphalt shingles are, the more vulnerable they become to weather-related issues. They can get brittle and lose their adhesion over time, allowing high winds to lift them easily.  

Product Quality 

It pays to invest in the best quality roofing material within your budget. Top-grade products from reputable manufacturers possess excellent weather resistance and strength. They can increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value. 

Installation and Maintenance

Even quality products can quickly develop damage or fail early when not handled and installed correctly. It’s among the many reasons to hire reliable roofing companies. Proper care is also necessary for your roof to remain in good condition. Regular maintenance can help professionals catch and fix minor issues before they require expensive repairs. 

Roof Structure

The structure of your roof can influence its resistance to wind damage. Roofs with a lower slope tend to withstand high winds better than ones with steeper slopes. The possibility of wind damage is also higher on roofs with expansive overhangs. 

Your Location

Do you live in a place prone to extreme weather events? If so, it can elevate your roof’s risk of developing wind damage. Stronger winds are more common in areas frequently hit by hurricanes or severe storms. 

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