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Can Your HOA Influence Your Roof Color Options?

Roof replacement is an excellent way to increase your home’s curb appeal and market value. It can enhance your humble abode’s protection from harsh weather and outdoor elements. After completing this project, you might also notice that your indoor spaces are more comfortable. 

If you live in a community governed by a homeowners association (HOA), consult board members before replacing your old roof. Depending on your HOA’s regulations, they might have pre-selected materials, styles and colors you must choose from. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Is a Homeowners Association?

The role of an HOA is to preserve and improve the beauty and value of the properties in your community. When you purchase a house in an HOA community, you automatically become a member and have to pay dues monthly or annually. You’ll also have the right to vote for the board of directors authorized to enforce HOA regulations.

You will find your community’s rules and regulations on the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). Signing your membership form means agreeing to abide by the CC&Rs. Carefully read this document if you plan to start major home improvements, such as roof replacement. It often includes restrictions on materials, styles and colors of home exterior components, including roof, siding, windows and doors. 

Quick Tips to Get Your Roofing Project Approved 

Review the CC&Rs

During the planning phase of your project, take the time to review your HOA’s CC&Rs. You should’ve been given this document when you bought your property. If it’s been years since you got your copy, check with the board if there have been any changes to the community regulations. It’s not necessary to read the CC&Rs cover to cover. Just focus on sections regarding exterior renovations, specifically roof replacement. 

Consult the Board

Speaking to the board of directors can help you understand the approval process. During your consultation, determine which forms you must submit and where to locate them. Don’t forget to ask about deadlines. Moreover, they might require you to work with licensed and insured roofers

Verify with the board which roof styles and colors are and aren’t permitted. If the HOA has pre-approved home exterior colors, it doesn’t immediately mean you can just select one from the options provided. Still, consider the houses surrounding your property. You likely can’t choose colors that exactly resemble or are too similar to your neighbor’s home. 

You might have more freedom with your roof color selection if your HOA doesn’t have strict rules regarding exterior colors. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting your house to stand out, you want to go with hues that complement homes in the community. A color scheme that blends well with your neighborhood can increase the likelihood of getting approved. 

Work With a Reliable Roofer

You’ll find it convenient to work with roofers with experience working in HOA communities. Reputable professionals will guide you through the HOA approval process. They can advise which materials and colors are ideal for your location.

Ask your neighbors, friends and family for contractors they can recommend. Get estimates from at least three different companies. When comparing quotes, consider each of the candidate’s experience and expertise. Factor in the quality of their products and the warranties they offer. Beware of unrealistically low bids because they are common indications of lack of experience and use of substandard materials. You can avoid unreliable contractors by researching, reading reviews, verifying credentials and speaking with references. 

Seek Approval Ahead of Time

Save yourself from stress and delays by getting approval long before your roofing project starts. The review process can take a few days or weeks to several months. Be sure to wait for your proposal to get approved before beginning the work to avoid conflict and fines. 

Providing visuals instead of only printed documents might help you convince the committee that the roof color you choose suits your home. Today, many roofing companies and manufacturers offer visualizer tools that allow you to see how your preferred roof color would look on your house. If possible, include photos, samples and sketches in your proposal. 

What Happens If You Don’t Seek Approval?

You Could Pay Costly Fines

Expect your HOA to impose penalties if you break the rules stated in the CC&Rs. The amount of fines depends on where you live and the agreement you signed. If your HOA penalizes you, you must pay immediately to avoid late fees. 

You Could Harm Your Relationship With Your HOA

Conflict between you and the HOA can make it challenging to live in your community. Aside from having to pay fines, you might be banned from using your neighborhood’s facilities, such as the pool or gym. 

You Might Have to Redo Your Project

Roof replacement can involve significant costs. If you fail to seek approval from your HOA, they might require you to redo your project. It means you might have to spend twice as much as you originally intended. Getting approval before construction will save you from this hassle and costly expense. 

You Could Face Legal Action

Your HOA could sue you if you fail to abide by the organization’s regulations. A lawsuit can cost you a lot of money and tarnish your reputation. It’s something you easily avoid by seeking approval from the board.

You Might Find It Hard to Sell Your Property

Are you planning to get a new roof to increase your property’s curb appeal and value? The more reason you should follow HOA rules if selling your home in the future. If you make violations and fail to pay fines, the late fees could accumulate. When this happens, your HOA could place a lien on your property. This scenario rarely occurs, but if a lien is put against your home, you won’t be able to sell it. 

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