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How To Prepare Your Home for a Roof Installation

So you’ve decided to invest in a new roof — what’s next? While you wait for the arrival of the roofing contractor who’ll facilitate the installation, it’s important to prepare your home beforehand. Doing so helps a lot in completing the project on time. A well-prepared home, after all, minimizes risks, prevents damage, and sets the stage for a flawless installation. Check out these tips to keep in mind.

Clear the Perimeter

Roofing work involves a lot of movement and materials being transported to and from your home. To prevent any accidents, be sure to clear the perimeter of your home. This includes moving vehicles, patio furniture, grills, and planters away from the work area. 

Protect Your Property

During a roof installation, small debris and construction materials may fall, potentially harming your landscaping or outdoor features. Protecting your property involves covering shrubbery, gardens, and lawn ornaments with tarps or protective sheeting. Additionally, if you have a swimming pool or hot tub close to your house, don’t forget to cover it to avoid contamination from debris.

Communicate With Your Neighbors

Roof installations can be noisy and may create inconveniences for everyone in the immediate vicinity. As such, it’s best to talk to your neighbors about the upcoming project. Letting them know the expected duration and working hours of the installation helps manage expectations and maintain good neighborhood relations. 

Prepare the Inside of Your Home

Vibrations from the roof installation can affect the interior of your home. Secure or remove hanging objects such as artwork, mirrors, and loose light fixtures to prevent them from falling. Taking the time to secure these items can prevent potential damage during the roof installation.

Ensure Access to Electrical Outlets

Roofing crews need access to electricity for their tools and equipment. Ensuring that your outdoor electrical outlets are accessible or providing extension cords that can reach the work area will greatly aid the installation team. For homes that may not have readily accessible outdoor outlets, setting up extension cords before the crew’s arrival can expedite the setup process.

Plan for Pets and Children

The safety of your family and pets is paramount during a roof installation. The noise and presence of strangers can be stressful for pets and small children. Planning to keep them inside or arranging for them to stay elsewhere during the most disruptive phases of the installation ensures their safety and comfort. 

For Professional Roof Installation, Look No Further!

With these essential preparations, you not only facilitate a smoother installation process but also protect your property and maintain good relations with your neighbors. At Next Level Roofers in Orlando, FL, we are dedicated to ensuring your roof installation is as seamless and efficient as possible. Call us today at (407) 237-7960, or fill out our contact form to schedule an estimate. We serve homeowners in The Villages (Leesburg, Florida), and the rest of Sumter County.