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When Roof Flashing Fails: What You Need to Know

Roof flashing is an essential part of a roofing system. It helps to prevent water from entering your home or business. In order to function correctly, roof flashing needs to be properly installed and maintained. If your roof flashing has failed, there are several possible causes that you need to consider. 

In this article, Next Level Roofers discusses the most common reasons for roof flashing failure so that you can take steps toward resolving the issue.

Common Causes of Roof Flashing Failure 

Poor Installation

When roof flashing is installed incorrectly, it can quickly fail. Poor installation can result in improper 

sealing and lead to water intrusion. It’s essential to make sure that your roofer follows all manufacturer instructions when installing flashing on your roof.

Poor Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to ensure that your roof flashing remains in good condition. This includes checking for damage and addressing any issues before they become bigger problems. Neglecting to maintain your roof flashing can result in failure over time.

Weather Damage

Strong winds and rain can cause the flashing to loosen or come apart, which leads to water intrusion. It’s critical to check your roofing system regularly for signs of weather damage and address any issues quickly.


Over time, the material may become brittle and begin to break down, which can lead to leaks. It’s essential to check your roof regularly for signs of aging and make any necessary repairs or replacements before they become major issues.

Solutions to Roof Flashing Failure


If the roof flashing is still in good condition, it can often be repaired. This involves removing any damaged material and replacing it with new flashing. To prevent future issues, make sure that all of the old nails or screws are removed and that the new flashing is properly sealed. For peace of mind, look for professional roofers who can inspect your roof and inform you of the extent of the repairs needed.


You may need to invest in a roof replacement project if your roof flashing has become too damaged to repair. During the replacement, all of the old flashings will be removed and new materials will be installed. Make sure that the new flashing is properly sealed and installed according to manufacturer instructions in order for it to function correctly. To avoid installation issues, consult reputable roofing companies that can help you with your project.

If your roof flashing has failed, it’s important to take action quickly. Water intrusion can lead to serious damage to your home or business, so it’s urgent to address the issue as soon as possible. Next Level Roofers in Leesburg and Sumter County, FL, can help you with all of your roofing needs. To schedule a consultation, call (407) 237-7960 or complete our online form.