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DIY Roof Repairs: Why You Shouldn’t Do Them

Quickly addressing issues is vital to prolonging the life of your roof. To ensure the problem doesn’t recur, you must work with a reliable provider of residential roofing services. It’s a common misconception that you can save money by trying to fix the issue yourself. 

Often, DIY repairs do more harm than good on your roof. Here’s why.

Further Damage to Your Roof

Without proper training, it’s easy to cause further damage to your roof. You could loosen the granules of the shingles while walking on the roof. Without these sediments, the shingles will become more vulnerable to sun damage and deteriorate faster. You can also accidentally loosen the flashing around protrusions, which could result in leaks.

Wasted Time and Money

Whether you need a roof repair or new construction roof installation, it’s usually more cost-effective to hire skilled professionals to do the job. Instead of saving you money, DIY repairs can cost you more. When you make mistakes while doing the repair, you’ll need to hire a pro to correct them. Save yourself from unnecessary expenses by hiring a reliable roofer to do the job right the first time.

Voided Warranty

You could lose your warranty by attempting to perform repairs on your own. Many manufacturers require repairs to be completed by licensed or certified professionals. Damage resulting from DIY repairs is usually not covered by roofing warranties.

Rejected Insurance Claim

Homeowners’ insurance typically covers damage due to weather extremes. However, your policy won’t pay for the damage you inflict on your property. There is also the possibility of having a forfeited claim because of DIY repairs. 

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